TEN HAVE Change Management supports organizations in all phases of a change process. We do this based on rich practical experience coupled with high quality knowledge in the field of change management.


As a professional market leader we invest in the development of knowledge, our profession and our people with passion. We do this among others through our own research and publications. Exemplary for the development of our profession and our expertise is het Veranderboek (the Book of change), in which more than ten years of scientific research is linked to the questions managers and consultants have when it comes to change. Every year we conduct research into the latest developments, studies and insights in the field of change management. The results of which we publish in our yearly publication (which actualizes the insights in het Veranderboek on a yearly basis). Besides this TEN HAVE Change Management is a founding partner in the Center for Evidence-Based Management.


Our Partners Wouter ten Have and Steven ten Have are attached as core lecturers to the post-graduate Change Management degree course at the Amsterdam Free University. Besides this Steven ten Have is attached to the post-graduate Management Consultant degree course at the Amsterdam Free University.

Professional development

We set up Changemanagementonline.nl, a digital platform on which professionals discuss about and publish on change management.


Since 2004 TEN HAVE Change Management, as the official supplier of the Royal Dutch Hockey Association (KNHB), is actively involved in the Dutch Hockey game by supporting the KNHB and the hockey clubs in their quest for further professionalization.

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