Joining TEN HAVE Change Management means working at a consultancy with nice and challenging assignments, with lots of room for personal development and professional growth.

All employees have a solid theoretical base and are very well able to transfer their practical experience to new colleagues. Working at TEN HAVE also means working at an organization which works together with clients in a special way. We build lasting and sustainable relationships with almost all of our clients.

Challenging and varied

At TEN HAVE you get the opportunity to work on complex and challenging change programs at a high level. The issues you work on vary in size and complexity; the interests involved are often big. You will regularly work on programs that are current and get media attention. It is not really important, but it is nice to work on assignments which can also be found in the paper headlines or make the news in any other way.

Solid and creative

Through combining knowledge and skills, as a new employee you will learn to view and fathom an issue from different perspectives. TEN HAVE does not work from standard solutions, neither do we work with standard models or methods. We always approach our clients issues from a broad scientific basis and with very broad practical experience. This way you learn to place organizational changes in a broader perspective. What is the change question? What does the organizational context look like? What are the change objectives? To what extend do those fit the capacity to change?

Through working on those kind of questions there is a lot of space for your development within TEN HAVE and you will grow professionally. The alliance between TEN HAVE and the Amsterdam Free University ensures that TEN HAVE works from a strong scientific fundament. The solutions you work on are always thorough and well thought through with room for your own creativity and input.


At TEN HAVE we almost always work in teams. After all, together we get to even better results. A good balance exists between working at the client and working in our beautiful office with its personable and unique ambiance. When working days are long and intens, it is nice to cook in our own kitchen and enjoy a good meal together. Being part of a tight team and the balance between freedom and responsibility that we treasuremake working at TEN HAVE enjoyable and special.

You can always send an open application with your curriculum vitae and extensive motivation to the address below:

TEN HAVE Change Management
F.a.o. Secretariat
Herculeslaan 188
3584 AB Utrecht