Atmosphere impression TEN HAVE Trattoria 2019

For the fifth year in a row we have transformed our office into a real restaurant: the TEN HAVE Trattoria. Various partnerships, with whom we collaborate intensively, enjoyed a delicious dinner we prepared ourselves.

Wouter Ten Have about reconsidering Change Management

In this Bookchat from Managementboek, Wouter ten Have is giving an interview about the book Reconsidering Change Management.

Young Professional Dinner 2018 –TEN HAVE Change Management

An impression of the annual dinner with Young Professionals from the consultancy sector. During this dinner at our office, they exchange their experiences with each other.

TEN HAVE Change Management – Changing the way you change

In this video, a few (former) clients are talking about our office.

Kim Grinwis and Sjoerd Segijn about the VeranderCanvas

In this Bookchat of Managementboek, Kim Grinwis and Sjoerd Segijn are giving a short interview about the book VeranderCanvas.

Steven ten Have about ‘Veranderkracht’

In this Bookchat of Managementboek, Steven ten Have is giving an interview about the book Veranderkracht (Change Competence).

Reconsidering Change Management – Applying Evidence-Based Insights in Change Management Practice

This animation shows how we have conducted research for the book ‘Reconsidering Change Management’, in which we tested 18 popular assumptions in the field of Change Management relative to the best available scientific evidence. What is true?

The role of leadership and workforce flexibility in an operating theatre

An animation of scientific research into the role of leadership and flexibility in operating-rooms.