Connection is central to our thinking and the way we act. Change can only be successful when various elements are connected to each other.

Specifically: the connection between strategy and implementation, between hard and soft, between people and organization, between plan and execution, between diagnosis and design, between focus and energy.

Connection is the source of movement and balance – two essential elements for sustainably valuable organizations.

With  movement it is all about the connection between context, vision for change and our client’s capacity to change. With  balance it is all about the connection between context, strategic direction and organizational control of our clients.

Together with the organization we set the change target through the diagnosis. After this, through working systematically and methodically with the management we define the change strategy, the approaches to change derived from the strategy and the necessary interventions to actually realize the change. After this phase we guide and advise organizations on the realization of the change and deploy our instrumentation where necessary to monitor progress and adjust pro-actively. This way we can provide focused support to achieve the desired result, based on our specific expertise in each phase of a change.