Knowledge development

Practice meets science in our office. As scientific practitioners, we use the best and most recent change insights. Disciplines such as organizational science, psychology, (change) management, business economics and management control provide both scientifically and practically proven insights. Our consultants and researchers know what is going on. They actively enrich each other with insights. Their publications contribute substantively to the development of knowledge in our field. This is how TEN HAVE Change Management distinguishes itself as a thought leader in change management.

Scientific foundation

Our work has a robust scientific foundation. This stems from, among others, our strong connection with VU University Amsterdam and various other universities, including the University of Amsterdam. As a founding partner, we also cherish our close collaboration with the Center for Evidence Based Management. Together we strive for more evidence-based change management, e.g. through increasing the applicability of scientific insights in practice. We therefore also train professionals with specifically developed methodologies and applications in the field of change management.

Research & publications

As a professional market leader, we invest passionately in the development of knowledge, our profession and our people. We do this, among other things, through our own research and publications. In the “Het Veranderboek”, for example, more than ten years of scientific research have been linked to the questions managers and consultants have about change. “Change Competence” (Veranderkracht) the book and the subsequent Change Canvas are also the result of this (see also At the same time, we actively contribute to the enrichment of Evidence Based Change Management through our books “Reconsidering Change Management” and “The Social Psychology of Change Management”.