Behavioral Change

‘Culture’ is often cited as an explanation for the failure to achieve necessary or desired change. However, this is about behavior, and change in behavior does not come about by continuing to remind employees of explicit rules and values imposed by the top of the organization. Behavior arises in the workplace, often implicitly, through interaction between people. Therefore, culture does ‘nothing’, people do ‘something’.

Behavior change starts with understanding

To achieve cultural change, we primarily aim to help our clients understand and influence behavior. Changing behavior requires connecting with the people who are affected. In this case it is applied to employees and managers at all levels. Breaking old patterns requires understanding why people do what they do. After all, behavior exists for a reason. Often (in the past) it has provided the organization or the individual with something, and it is important to connect and acknowledge this. By talking with employees and managers about their own values and motives, and what this means for their behavior and the way they work (together) towards the future, they can discover how they can achieve the desired change with their own behavior.

Our approach

Our approach focuses on properly understanding the causes of current behavior by providing insights into patterns of behavior: what is the background of the current visible behavior and what values and assumptions underlie it? This is based on the cultural psychological perspective of Schein and others. Peeling off existing behavior provides tools for the creation of new appropriate behavior based on a common language. It also provides insight into the steps that need to be taken to achieve the desired behavior. This helps teams and organizations realize their (cultural) goals. In addition, it provides a starting point for the expression of appropriate exemplary behavior from leadership and highlighting best practices.

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