Organizational design

Together, structure and management control form an important part of the design of an organization. Every organization needs both a structure and direction to simply be an organization. These are important components to realize changes in an organization. Together with our clients, we design and implement organizations that add value.

The importance of a good organizational structure

An effective organizational structure and good design of management control are essential if the organization is to realize its objectives in a focused way. With a good structure and proper management, it is possible to translate the objectives to all levels of the organization, and thus effectively realize the mission of the organization. As a result, managers and employees understand what contribution they are making to the realization of the organizational objectives and how they should work together with other departments and teams.
In addition, a good structure ensures that core competencies and professionalism receive attention and are constantly being developed further. By also properly aligning the structure and direction with the desired behavior, culture and leadership, ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ components reinforce each other. This leads to a coherent and goal-oriented organization.

Changes within the organization structure

Changes in the environment, a new mission and/or strategy or bottlenecks in the organization can be reasons to adjust the organizational structure. When working on the structure and direction of the organization, ‘quick fixes’ are often sought. This is unfortunate, as the purposeful deployment of people and resources in the organization requires conscious and well-founded considerations.

Our approach

We work with our clients in an integral and systematic manner – from top structure to operating model – on the correct placement and linking of tasks, authorizations, responsibilities and meeting structures. We help managers and executives get ‘in control’ and prevent ill-considered structural changes. During this process we consciously work together on being and remaining a valuable organization for e.g., customers, clients or society.

Application of organizational expertise and models

Together, we create the right organizational design by following our methodology. We stand next to you, see what is going on and what is needed. That way, available knowledge and experience from the organization are optimally utilized. We add our organizational and change expertise by using recent insights, such as self-management, agile organizing, and classic best practices from Mintzberg, Keuning, Campbell & Goold.

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