Change Management

Organizations must constantly adapt to survive. We help organizations change; that is our strength. We achieve this using our own, evidence-based vision. We analyze the situation and make a precise diagnosis. We translate this into the design of the change process, giving substance to purposive change: the necessary step between plan and implementation, so that organizational goals can be realized in a sustainable manner.

What is change management?

Change management is about adapting the organization and the behavior inside the organization in a targeted manner, so that the organization can realize its goals. It is about planned change, bridging the gap between (strategic) objectives and efficient and purposeful organizing. Thus, it encompasses a multitude of aspects. From ‘hard’ aspects such as structure, management, and competencies to more ‘soft’ aspects such as behavior, leadership, and perceptions. It connects ‘content’ (vision, strategy and (change) objectives) to ‘process’ (people involved, interests and approach).

Our vision on change management

Our integral vision of change is anchored in the Change Competence Model. We use this model to diagnose, design and guide change. Effective change succeeds or fails based on the change competence of an organization. A powerful change vision (‘what do you want to achieve’) must be combined with an adequate change capacity (‘how are you going to achieve that’). A good change vision describes why you need to change and what concrete results you want to achieve with the change. The capacity to change shows how the organizational design and way-of-working, as well as available people and resources must support the change.

The Change Competence Model

The Change Competence Model, as developed by us, is central to our thinking and actions. We have developed several proven applications in the area of change competence, such as the Change Rug, ChangeCanvas and Change Competence Measurement. For more information on how to gain insights into the change competence of your organization, department or team, please visit

Change Canvas

The book ChangeCanvas helps to work on organizational change in thorough manner. This starts with a conscious intention: you must or want to change something, out of necessity or ambition. With the ChangeCanvas, you work systematically from idea to approach, with the emphasis of the ChangeCanvas being on making a good diagnosis, using the Change Competence Model.
The process of creating a ChangeCanvas can take many different forms. What form you give it depends on the time available and the immersion desired. For example, it can be used to get a grip on the change relatively quickly, but it also offers space to explore the depth of the change.
In the book ‘ChangeCanvas’, all facets of change are systematically tackled in a practical manner, supported by appealing examples. Through the diagnosis it is made clear which components require attention in the design and implementation of the change.

Our change approach

In order to change successfully, one needs to continuously align the organization’s change vision and change capacity. Using the Change Competence Model, we therefore diagnose the change issue along this change vision and capacity and develop an appropriate design and approach to actually make change happen. From here on out we start building the Change Competence of your organization. During the (implementation of the) change, the Change Competence Model also offers looking-glass through which you can determine where the change stands and what is needed to realize objectives.

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