Strategy and change cannot exist without each other. On the one hand, strategy realization requires thoughtful change whilst on the other hand, change is impossible without a robust strategy. We assist our clients with the development, translation and realization of a clear strategy.

What is a strategy?

An effective strategy provides direction on how the organization realizes its mission. It is characterized by conscious, well-founded and sharp choices. Choices that respond to market needs, match the competencies of the organization, are distinctive and offer prospects for a healthy future. Even in this rapidly changing world, it is crucial to set a course that distinguishes you from the competition and allows you to be and remain flexible. It enables prioritization. This is essential at a time when people, resources and time are scarce. Therefore, a good strategy also identifies what you won’t do as an organization and thus won’t pursue.

Our approach within strategy

During a strategy process, we guide organizations to realize their ambitions. We make choices that give the organization and its employees direction and are supported by them. We recognize four phases: target, analyze, match and choose. We use these phases to work in a methodical, pragmatic and inspiring manner, paying attention to both content and process. The implications of the strategic choice can have a major impact and lead to an extensive change task for the organization and its employees. Through our expertise in change management we can clarify this task, translate it into an appropriate approach and guide the implementation process.

The StrategyCanvas

Our knowledge in the field of strategy is methodized in the StrategyCanvas. With the StrategyCanvas, we help you find the course that suits your organization. A course that preserves the right to exist and gives direction to the entire organization. In the book, we take you through the four phases of strategy formation: Targeting, Analyzing, Matching and Choosing. We have enriched these phases with real-life illustrations and lessons learned. What works, and what doesn’t? How come? And under what circumstances? You get to work depending on where you are as an organization or where your focus lays at that moment. Sometimes you go ‘back and forth’ and revert to a step you took earlier. In any case, your work is only (or finally) complete when the four phases form a proper puzzle together. Whoever succeeds in this, makes real strategic choices that give direction and does not let success be a coincidence. In short, you work on a strategy that works.

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